BSV daily transactions surpass other chains

Last week, BSV blockchain once again demonstrated its superior technical capabilities by handling more transactions than most other popular blockchains. On Wednesday the 15th of December 2021, BSV surpassed BTC, Ethereum, and XRP in daily transactions. The previous day, one popular BSV app, CryptoFights, created more on-chain transactions than every app on Ethereum combined. What’s going

The CoinGeek Pulse Episode 70: Streaming channels on Bitcoin, BTC Core developers leave, relaunches

sCrypt, an on-chain smart contracting solutions company, published a Medium article this week on how to facilitate streaming services using the Bitcoin protocol. This begs the question—will streaming giants like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu and YouTube Red leverage Bitcoin in the future to power their streaming services? The article demonstrates a cost-efficient way to provide video

Asian Stocks Up, Chinese Data Exceeds Expectations

© Reuters. By Gina Lee – Asia Pacific stocks were mostly up on Friday morning, potentially boosted by better-than-expected Chinese data and a rally in U.S.-listed Chinese equities. Trade was thin, with it being the last trading day of 2021 in some countries. China’s Shanghai Composite gained 0.52% by 10:03 PM ET (2:03 AM

Mexico Plans to Launch its CBDC by 2024

Mexico Plans to Launch its CBDC by 2024 The announcement was made by a senior official of the Bank of Mexico, who stated that the digital currency will not displace banknotes and coins. Mexico passed a law in 2018 to regulate cryptocurrency trading, prompting the central bank to issue an additional regulatory framework. Although the

Blockchain systems are tracking food safety andorigins

When a Chinese consumer buys a package labeled “Australian beef,” there’s only a 50-50 chance the meat inside is, in fact, Australian beef. It could just as easily contain rat, dog, horse or camel meat – or a mixture of them all. It’s gross and dangerous, but also costly. Fraud in the global food industry

Plutus — ADALend’s Decentralized Application Backend for Fintech Apps

Plutus — ADALend’s Decentralized Application Backend for Fintech Apps Plutus is ADALend’s decentralized application backend for financial apps. It helps developers to create decentralized financial applications seamlessly. It does this by building a flourishing environment for the backend infrastructure. Plutus is an “ADALend Decentralized Application Backend” that provides a smooth and simplified solution for developers

U.S. Treasury Undersecretary says Congress Must Act Since Stablecoin Risk is so Great

U.S. Treasury Undersecretary says Congress Must Act Since Stablecoin Risk is so Great A top official at the Treasury Department responsible for financial oversight charged Congress with taking quick action to regulate stablecoins due to their perceived risk to the U.S. economy and individual investors. “If Congress does not enact legislation, the regulators [SEC, Fed,

A national digital currency has serious privacy implications

The widespread use of cryptocurrency as an alternative method of payment has led to a growing digital ecosystem over the years. Governments are behind the curve, continuing to wrestle with how to develop effective public policy measures to regulate its use. The Bank of Canada has been actively exploring the option of a digital currency

20,000 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in 2021

20,000 New Bitcoin ATMs Installed in 2021 The demand for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin continues to grow, so does the number of Bitcoin ATMs on the streets. Basic transactions and easy currency conversion that ATMs offer facilitate the transition from fiat money to cryptocurrencies. Almost 20,000 Bitcoin ATMs were installed in 2021, which is an average