This User Mistakenly Transferred $3.6 Million to ConstitutionDAO, Here’s What Happened

The decentralized organization, ConstitutionDAO remains in news despite its announcement of the platform’s closure. In a latest update, it was revealed that a user recently reached out to ConstitutionDAO via Discord, seeking refund of approximately $3.6 million from the platform. According to the Chinese Journalist, Colin Wu’s latest tweet, this investor was mentioned under the

Floki Inu Price Prediction: FLOKI Aims For A 13% Rise To $0.0001808 Range High

Floki Inu price prediction is bullish as it trades approximately 40% above Sunday’s intraday low at $0.0001150. After successfully bounding off the $0.0001220 support floor, FLOKI/USDT has rallied approximately 22.30% over the last 24 hours. The performance of the FLOKI price has outdone other meme coins with Dogecoin (DOGE) rising just 3.11% on the day

Breaking: Binance Resumes Dogecoin (DOGE) Deposit/Withdrawals Days After Elon Musk Spat

Binance resumed Dogecoin (DOGE) deposit and withdrawals earlier today after the exchange had frozen the function owing to an update malfunction. A recent update bug in the Binance Dogecoin wallet led to year-old transactions getting processed which were left in the system because of low fees. The crypto platform released a blog post detailing the

Shiba Inu Price Prediction: SHIB Rally Aims For A 74% To New Record Highs With Support From Kraken

Shiba Inu price has rallied approximately 29% over the last 24 hours to highs of about $0.00005530. The SHIB price started rallying on November 29 following Kraken’s announcement that it was listing Shiba Inu. At the time of writing, SHIB teeters around $0.00005120. Shiba Inu’s daily trading volume has jumped to $5,783,970,578 at press time

Gambling on the dollar: time to reign in forextrading

With the value of the Australian dollar falling more than 10 cents in the past few months, should we all be hedging our bets and trading the Aussie for a fast profit? There’s no shortage of foreign currency trading companies spruiking their services online, keen to help Australians become foreign exchange traders, with the promise

Bitcoin’s strength lies in its libertarianstatus

A turbulent last few months have seen numerous pieces announcing the end of Bitcoin, its imminent collapse, or the bursting of the bubble. Commentators are missing the point: the key to Bitcoin’s surprising resilience lies outside of traditional economic thinking. Mark Williams of Boston School of Management predicts that Bitcoin will drop to $10 a

Why dollar dominance is secure despite growth of globalrivals

In imploring the world to be less dependent on the US dollar for international transactions, French finance minister Michel Sapin is expressing a wish that many of the euro’s creators hoped would already be reality. Backed by the bosses of some major French companies, Sapin argues in a Financial Times interview that Europe should break